Boyden hones in skills during quarantine


Photographer: Photo provided by Cole Boyden

Boyden poses with a piece of furniture that he made himself. He has created new pieces during quarantine.

Clark Mack, Staff Reporter

Cole Boyden has been in the student council for three years and leadership the past year and is next year’s student body president.

“I am beyond honored to serve as the student body president and serve the school to the best of my ability for the school I love,” Boyden said.

He is also a self taught woodworker and made two new coffee tables, fully designed and crafted himself, in the midst of the COVID-19 chaos. He is making a pair of nightstands next, which he is excited for. Every piece of furniture in his room was made by him.

“I have made several pieces of furniture and have more around the house,” Boyden said, “and even have pieces in other houses. But I am most satisfied with the furniture I have made for my room.”

He has also taught himself piano, ukulele and started to learn guitar.

“On piano, I’ve learned classical songs like ‘Fur Elise’ and ‘Moonlight Sonata’,” Boyden said, “as well as a few other modern classical songs, one of which is ‘Nuvole Bianche’. [I’ve learned] many modern day songs on the radio like ‘Apologize’, ‘All Of Me’, ‘Shape Of You’, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, ‘Treat You Better’ and ‘Forget You’; just a little bit of everything.”

He also skis and plays tennis; he had a great season in both sports getting top eight in State for tennis and twelfth in state for skiing. He also plays golf, has been doing lots of fly fishing and knows how to do taxidermy.

“In my free time, rather than watch Netflix, I woodwork and learn new skills,” Boyden said. “It’s really fun and keeps me busy and doing productive things. I just keep on trying to do stuff to keep busy.”