AP testing format changes to accommodate online schooling

With the cancellation of schools across the country, the College Board has had to make adjustments for AP exams. Usually taken in the first two weeks of May, they have had to be transferred to online replacements of the tests. Different classes have had to make new arrangements for their test, while still maintaining the same curriculum and difficulty that the normal testing standards upheld

AP European history is removing many of their normal testing sections, and replacing it with a 45 minute document based question. Students will have to analyze historical sources and use their background knowledge and context to prove a point, all while staying in the time limit. The class has been reviewing powerpoints of the year’s lessons in order to prepare. After the AP tests are done with, students will learn the 25 percent of the curriculum that has not been covered yet.

“We have been reviewing and practicing,” AP European history teacher Chris Mccart said. “we will be practicing with the new DBQ format next week. After the exam we will cover the material we did not cover. We are all just making the best of this difficult situation.”

Spanish teacher Armando Gonzalez has also been preparing his students for the change in testing. His class has been very strong in their writing, but that section has been removed from the exams. 

“I know for my students one of their strengths is writing and for that not to be in the exam is a bit of a bummer,” Gonzalez said, “but I have full confidence in my students and know they will do well in both speaking portions.”

He has been using tools like the app Seesaw, as well as encouraging students to watch Spanish series and listen to podcasts in order to maintain the language to the best of their ability.

“This is a tough situation and it’s difficult to do everything we wanted to do through technology,” Gonzalez said. “It’s also tough finding a balance between all of the work the students have to do and keeping them sane stuck at home. I think it’s important to make sure they are prepared for the new format of the test, but it’s also important to not overload them and make sure they are physically and mentally healthy.”