Fitbit vs Garmin


Kochia Krum

As fitness watches gain popularity, it's important to evaluate what features best "fit" your needs.

There are many athletic watches, but there are two that stand out: the Fitbit and the Garmin watches. Some are more pleasing to the eye but some are more technological. Function should top fashion, and this is why the Garmin watch is better.

The Garmin watch is a GPS watch that tracks steps and heartrate. It also has various running modes and a biking and swimming mode. This watch can also connect to a phone and get calls and notifications on the watch. The Garmin forerunner watch has many options; some are the 645, 45, 935, 235, and the 35. It is best to buy the watch from Garmin, a running store or online, only if it is selected new because refurbished watches tend to have trouble.  The Fitbit watch tracks steps, heart rate, and calories, can pair with phone to receive calls and texts, has sleep tracking, and a cardio fitness level. The Fitbit watches have a big selection with some including the Fitbit Inspire, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa Light, Fitbit Flex 2, and Fitbit Charge 3

The Garmin forerunner 35 watch is $169.99. It tracks activities all day and night, understands movement and is water proof. I like how this watch is very accurate with the data, that it has so many work out modes and how it is paired with my phone. I dislike how it is harder to change the band of the watch than a Fitbit. The Fitbit Alta HR watch costs $129.95. This I like how this watch is small and not bulky for everyday wear. I dislike how this watch did not accurately track my steps.

I like my Garmin watch better than my Fitbit watch because the data is more accurate, it is a bigger screen to read my information like notifications and workout modes, and I like how it is running based because it is a lot more useful. I did, however, like my Fitbit because it was not so bulky and I could change the bands a lot easier. This product was worth my money because it works very efficiently and shows me all the data for my runs. I recommend getting this watch if running is a hobby. I also recommend getting a Fitbit watch are just athletic and don’t need a certain kind of watch.