School starts, problems follow

Meghan Stettler, InDepth Editor

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The beginning of the year brings many changes for students and staff alike, though not

always for the better. Here’s to Huskies pushing through a rough start.

1. Student injury


In the last three weeks, the frequency of casts, boots, and crutches have seemingly increased, particularly targeting athletes and the unlucky. Despite limited mobility, many continue to brave the hallways and get to class on time.

2. Fire alarms


While it is unclear whether student injury is a result of students repeatedly exiting the building as a response to the fire alarms, it is clear that alarm repair can lead to the frequent (albeit unintentional) evacuation of class rooms.

3. Smart boards


Regardless of an increasingly injured student body and enthusiastic alarm systems, classes continue on. However, given the uncooperative nature of some Smart Boards, learning (and teaching) is easier said than done. Efforts were made to alleviate this issue by the school’s IT team, many of which were successful.

4. Computers


Following the theme of technology refusing to work with its human counterparts, computers throughout the school have failed, or at least threatened to fail, at allowing teachers and students to effectively access content in a timely fashion. That is if students can log on, which has proven to be more difficult for some than others.

5. Infinite Campus


 Like computers and smartboards, Infinite Campus has changed things up for teachers. Redesigned to make things easier for teachers, the new format has only lead to conclusion for some.

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