The road after ROTC

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The road after ROTC

Grace Lowden, Opinion Editor

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The JROTC hall is threatening to some students, to others it’s a second home. Those enrolled in JROTC are not required or are necessarily planning to enlist  in the military after high school. However, there are a select few who are going to use their high school ROTC as a foundation for future involvements with ROTC in college or enlisting in some subgroup of our nation’s Armed Forces.

Senior Christina Adame is known for her dedication to JROTC and has plans to further her training after she leaves Reno High.

“I do plan on enlisting in the National Guard,” Adame said. “I will join the UNR ROTC program but apply for the SMP program so I can do part time National Guard and help my country.”

Adame hopes to graduate as a second lieutenant and lead a platoon that usually consists of 14-22 soldiers.

JROTC is useful for students even if they are not planning to pursue a career in the military.

“JROTC wants to teach us the meaning of family, values, and being grateful,” Adame said. “The moment I walked into that ROTC program everyone welcomed me with open arms.”

During JROTC classes, students develop leadership, first aid, and communication skills that will help them with any career they choose to pursue.

However, for the select few planning to fight for our country, there are major benefits to joining JROTC. If students enlist after three years of JROTC they can immediately surpass the first two rankings. Scholarships are also offered in abundance for JROTC students looking to further their instruction. Cadets can obtain up to $60,000 for their college education (Junior ROTC)

JROTC offers great opportunities for all students even if their future contains no further interaction with the Training Corps. Leadership, first aid, and communication skill will be used all cadets no matter where they end up after high school.

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