Tackling Double Standards

Atley Weems, A&E Editor

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I see double standards almost constantly among boys and girls in high school. Whether it be rumors about how girls get better treatment from guy teachers or about how male sports teams gain more attention, there’s always something.

Yet, the double standard that’s becoming more and more vivid to me is one concerning how boys have sexual relations versus how girls do. I have seen these teenage boys go through girls like they go through their food, fast and inconsiderate. They don’t mind feelings, and often ignore the consequences in result of their actions. They do this because there are no consequences. There is no one telling them that it’s wrong to start a new relationship after only a week of breaking things off with someone. There’s no one telling them to care about someone else’s feelings.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not my problem with this scenario because at the end of the day it’s the individuals’ choice and I would never tell someone what to do as long as it didn’t affect the people around them. The problem that I find is what happens when a girl tries to do the same thing and she gets a completely different reaction.

I have been friends with girls who have gone from boy to boy, trying to find “the one” or simply to have attention. It’s no different than my best friend Joseph whom I’ve known since sixth grade to be an inexcusable flirt. Yet while I scanned the hearts on the Dome’s yellow-tiled walls I saw girls’ hearts with graffiti gossip and bad names relating to past relationships. I didn’t see one boy name with any such mockery or harassment, although some could be seen as surely deserving it. I will never understand why people are so hurtful to one another, especially teenagers. We shouldn’t judge one another so harshly, and if by chance we do I hope that it should be fair frame of mind.

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